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The Gift of Salvation

Posted by frmac on March 25, 2006

Last week Parish Alive (second reading of Sunday Mass) reminded us that we are all God’s temple throgh the sacrificial death and Resurrection of Jesus. As we journey through life as Christians we are literally ‘sacredness’ in the midst of the world. Just as, physcally speaking, the temple of old was in Jerusalem, or our beautiful churches are today. Indeed, we are light to the world. What an awesome, yet humbling thought! Of course, we need to accept this invitation of faith, and do our best to be faithful christians.

Dear Parishioners,

One of the most positive actions we can do for Lent is to go to confession.
Confession or the Sacrament of Reconciliation is one of the most precious gifts
God gives us. One of the articles I read stated that we should focus on the real point of confession and Father Bernard Haring has the following story to illustrate that fact. In his church, he asked, “What is the most important thing about confession?” A parishioner responded, “Telling your sins to the priest. That is why we call it confession.”
Father responded, “Confessing is very important, but not the most important thing.” Some one else shouted: “Contrition! Being sorry for your sins. The whole thing doesn’t work without contrition.” Father replied, “True, it doesn’t work’ without contrition, but I don’t think contrition is the most important thing.” Another person spoke up. “It’s the examination of conscience. Unless you examine your conscience, you don’t know what you have to be sorry for and what to confess.” Father still was not satisfied.
An uneasy silence fell over the church. Then a little girl said, “Father, I know what is most important. It is what Jesus does!” It is what Jesus does! That’s the most important thing. The examination of conscience, sorrow for sin, telling our sins to the priest-these are all important. However, we need to focus on what Jesus does.
In the Sacrament of Reconciliation, Jesus announces to us-through the Church and its priests-that our sins are forgiven- that we are loved by God. We hear the voice of Jesus:
“Go in peace, your sins are forgiven.” This is what Jesus does. This is His gift to you and me.Monsignor John Coelho-Harguindeguy

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