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The Narrow Gate of Jesus -21st Sunday of Ordinary time.

Posted by frmac on August 25, 2007

Luke 13: 22-30

Speaking to a person (on a journey through many towns and villages) who had asked him, if only a few would be saved, Jesus states that he is the narrow gate to God’s Kingdom and salvation. It would appear that many were listening to him, but not really accepting him and his revelation.

The folowing Quote from the Dominican preacher Fr. Jude Siciliano is a good summation of his message to us today:

In the end, salvation, entrance to the reign of God, comes down to a gift. But it is a gift that has an urgency about it and requires a decisive response on our part. If we realize how loving God has been to us, then we had better reflect that love towards others. If we have come to know God’s forgiveness, then we had better let go of the debts we hold against others. If we have heard the free invitation to the reign of God and have experienced God’s open door policy to us, then we had better unlock our own hearts to those whom our world looks upon as outsiders and unworthy.
When it comes right down to it the question put to Jesus, “Lord, will only a few people be saved?” is a scary one. After all, who deserves to be saved? What could we do on our own to make ourselves worthy to sit at the table in the kingdom of God? Jesus offers us the gift of life and we enter this new life through him, the narrow gate. But it is a gate wide enough to admit many—many more than small-minded people could ever imagine.


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