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The Threat of Human Truth

Posted by frmac on September 14, 2007

The day of 911 on which the twin towers collapsed in New York City seems so long ago to me. Yet, it was on that day that a certain fear entered my heart and has never left. Now I live, ever recognizing, and often fearing those that hold differing truths. We just can’t all be right, but we believe we are. Truth from the Christian perspective is meant to set us free, but historically speaking it has motivated humans to harm and kill one another and others.
This is the era of human technology. Exciting and wonderful discoveries and inventions abound and give hope for a better world.  The pervasive tentacles of technology, however, are everywhere, and the whole of human civilization is unedge. Nothing and no one seems immune, and humans everywhere are experiencing its disruptive forces.  It is forcing humanity to face itself with its differing ways and belief systems. In a disturbed state of mind, we are literally in each other’s face. What will we do, and how will we respond?
911 is a response that surprised and shocked. Towers of steel, concrete, and glass once thought indestructible, tumbled with amazing fragility like a deck of cards before the world’s eyes. Technology had destroyed technology with a gaudy display of heartlessness. Fathers, mothers, aunts, and uncles fell from the windows of these magnificent towers like specks of dust, while others disappeared into the crumpled mass of rubble.
When I look back on that terrible day I tremble, and deep in my heart I fear that something even more shocking and devastating looms in our not too distant future. There is one urgent and pressing question all humanity needs to answer. How do we live with our truths without destroying one another?
Our democratic constitutional governments have protected us here in the west by giving us rules to help us play the game of life and truth in relative safety. We have learnt how to live together in great diversity of belief and culture. But because of the modern world situation, even this way of living is being threatened and appearing very fragile. 
Today is the feast of the ‘Triumph of the Cross’ which reminds me there should always be hope in the midst of despair. Jesus of Nazareth taught us how to meet intolerance with mercy, love, and forgiveness. Emptied of his divinity, Jesus humbly entered into our midst to teach us God’s way. He revealed and demonstrated that truth which comes from God inspires in love, not intolerance. Let us open our hearts this day to more fully appreciate the mystery of Christ Crucified. Let our prayer be, “Jesus, meek and humble of heart, teach us your way so that we grow in God’s truth never forcing, never intolerant, and always in love, mercy, and forgiveness.”  


“We need those who can develop a model of faith in times of uncertainty in which the tradition is revered and the prophetic is honored.” See article by Sr. Joan

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