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The Fundamental Challenge of Christianity (Eighteenth Sunday of Ordinary Time)

Posted by frmac on August 2, 2008

Compassion, the human feeling that allows us to see and feel the pain of others, motivates us to reach out to the other and help. If we call ourselves Christian, and have no compassion or love for the other, then we really don’t understand what Christianity is all about. But here is where it get tricky. Just because we feel for the other, doesn’t mean that we will try to help.

This Sunday’s Gospel (multiplication of loaves and fish- Matt: 14:13-21) puts every thing into perspective. Even if we have very little in terms of this world’s goods and gifts, we are expected to do out best to reach out even in our poverty. Every little effort counts, and this is one of the reasons that Jesus said that God’s Kingdom was like the mustard seed. Each little mustard seed seems insignificant, but when it is planted it grows and grows just like each little act of love for our brothers and sisters.

Following Jesus means that we care and we act, always trusting and expecting a miracle. This is what Jesus’ disciples learned when Jesus commanded them to feed the crowds with five loaves of bread and two fish.

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