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Feast of the Hoy Family – Are our families Holy?

Posted by frmac on December 30, 2006

Feast of the Holy Family – Are our families holy?
This Christmas season millions of families in North America picked up stakes and headed out to visit their families, relatives, and close friends. Most arrived at their destination, and most will return home safely. Almost a miracle when you consider all the young children that have traveled with parents and grandparents. Now, I’m not saying there were no hurdles, hassles, or scary experiences, and many will probably arrive home sick with flu, frazzled nerves, and big VISA debts. But they will get home safely — sufficiently satisfied, that they will do the same again next Christmas.Why do we do this? The bottom line is love. We love our families, and want to be with them at special times. Christmas is one of those times when we recognize and appreciate the great ‘gift’ a family is to us.How does everybody get home safely? Simple: Parents look after their children, and everybody does their best to participate in the journey by caring for and looking after each other. To my mind this sounds like a pretty holy thing!Now, if we could only learn to look after one another in our communites, and on the national and international level a little better. We are always on a journey together, and we definitely need to take better care of one another because so many get lost, hurt, and killed on the journey. As brothers and sisters, is there not a better way for us to look after one another? Let us try harder to love one another this New Year

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