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Posted by frmac on December 23, 2006


This Sunday we complete our advent journey – the season of hope. We have remembered God faithfulness to promises, God’s love, mercy and inspiration in our daily live and throughout the centuries, and we have reminded our selves that this life is only part of the story — there is so much more than the here and now, and we are looking forward to (hoping on the day) when the Lord Jesus will come again in Glory.

And what do we really have at all, if we have not hope?As God’s children – human beings, we can see all the human-ness of drudgery, expectations, duty, routine, weariness, brokenness, healing, triumph and persistence. We go through these things every day, and we keep coming back for more – even when it’s painful, when we are fairly sure we will be disappointed, again. There are times maybe when we feel like giving up, when we just don’t want to try any more, but most people, most of the time, keep on going. And we can blame all that on hope.

Hope is what keeps us going when our marriage is falling apart, when ours kids are seriously ill or injured, when we’re fighting cancer or some other disease, when our aging parents need our help, when old age gradually become what we are, when we just can’t seem to work through and stay on top of our school work, our families needs, our depression or anxiety, when we’re not sure how we will keep on going, or pay the rent or mortgage this month. God gave us hope so we can live. Without it, would life even be bearable?

Hope is one of God’s very special gifts to us. But God was not satisfied with just giving us hope. God gave us something extraordinary to hope for, and to inspire and help us live our lives. And that special gift is God’s Divine Son: Jesus – a human being just like us.
As we prepare to celebrate the Christmas Season, let us quietly offer a prayer of thanks to God for all that we have, especially the gift of hope, and ask the Lord to help us come to know Jesus, his teachings, and his ways better. Let our Prayer be this night/ day: Come Lord Jesus, Come into my heart, fill me with hope, grant me your peace, and show me your ways. Until we too can say: My soul magnifies the Lord, and my spirit rejoices in God my savior, for he has looked with favor on the lowliness of his servant.

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